The work is a bar seat with terraced places for three customers, made of marble, steel, bronze, and leather. Consistent with his interest in meeting and recreation spaces in the contemporary urban fabric, Papageorgiou goes back to Athenian bars where nightlife, the objects around it, the interaction of individuals, and the randomly formed micro-communities acquire a political character. The seat is reconstructed and its levels bring to mind 3-D board games about negotiations, strategy, competition as well as the pleasure one derives from participating in them. The artist focuses on the relations between body and object, individuality and collectivity, solitude and sociability. He creates surrealistic scenes where he allows multiple stories of encounters to unfold.

text by Artworks team

Triplebar, 2019, Marble, steel, leather, cast bronze, 170 x 140 x 113 cm, Courtesy of the artist and Hot Wheels Projects