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Represented by UNA Galleria

Vasilis Papageorgiou (b.1991) lives and works in Athens & Amsterdam.
Ηe is the co-founder of Enterprise Projects, a project space functioning independently and periodically since September 2015 in Athens.


2015-2016: MFA Fine Arts, LUCA School of Arts, Brussels, Belgium
2009-2014: Athens School of Fine Arts, Jury honors, Athens, Greece
2012-2013: Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Fellowships / Residencies / Awards:

2023: LUMA Arles, Residency, supported by Artworks, Arles
2022: Matteo Viglietta Award, Prize, by La Gaia collection, Turin
2021: Grant for Art Research, Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports, Grant, Athens
2020: Premio Montani Tesei Award Under 35, Prize, Art Verona, Verona
2019-2020: 3Package Deal, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, AFK, in partnership with De Appel Art Centre, Foam Amsterdam and Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Grant, Amsterdam
2019: Fondazione Fiera Milano Acquisition Fund, Prize, Milan
2019: Rotary Club Milano Brera Prize for Contemporary Art and Young Artists (Shortlisted), Prize, Milan
2018: Artworks, 1st Stavros Niarchos Foundation Artist Fellowship Program, Athens
2017: Trauma & Revival, Kim? Contemporary Art Center, Residency Program, Riga
2016: Rupert Residency Program, Vilnius
2016: Chalky soil and the Unexpected bugs, Residency Program, Vrasna
2015: The London Intensive, Slade School of Fine Arts & Camden Arts Centre, Residency Program, London
2012: State Scholarship (IKY) for Erasmus Exchange Program, Rotterdam

Solo Exhibitions:

Why does heat make things blurry, UNA galleria, Piacenza
I follow the sun as I follow my distraction, Callirrhoë, Athens

Siblings of two, miart, UNA galleria, Milan
It’s 2:00 a.m. I am spilling it, UNA galleria, Piacenza

When the sun goes up: Bar stories in 3 acts, Hot Wheels Projects, Athens

Exhausted, cur. Nicolas Vamvouklis, Il Colorificio, Milan
All eyes on me, cur. Ornothing, Clovis XV, Brussels
Take a long holiday, cur. Bert Janssens & Ilektra Kalaitzaki, BRDG project, Antwerp

Somebody had to do it
, Elika gallery, Athens

Selected Group Exhibitions:

Contemporary Istanbul, with Callirrhoë, Istanbul
Collezione La Gaia, cur. by Eva Brioschi, Busca, Cuneo
L’ Essenziale Studio Exhibition, LAMPO, Milan
Their Volumes – Works from the Christella Collection, cur. by Treti Galaxie, Cortemaggiore
Group Show, works from the Matteo Novarese Collection, Sof:Art, Bologna
Transformations, cur. by Miss dialectic, a forest, Athens

Pieces of cake, cur. by Olympia Tzortzi, Berlin
Artissima, with UNA Galleria, Turin
Delta, by Artworks, Delta Restaurant, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Athens
Lapin Canard, One Minute Space, Athens
ARCO Μadrid, with UNA Galleria, Madrid

7th Athens Biennale: Eclipse, cur. OMSK social club &
Larry Ossei-Mensah, Athens
Performative Transcending Somatic, cur. Lydia Antoniou & George Bekirakis, Korinis 4, Athens
Art Athina Pop Up, King George Hotel, Athens
Art Athina Virtual, Online, Athens

Art Verona Digital | Digital Black & Yellow, Art Verona, Verona 
On heavy rotation, cur. Severin Dünser & Olympia Tzortzi, Callirrhoë, Athens
Parcours | 10 Artists for Spazio Leonardo, Spazio Leonardo, Milan
Miart – Digital edition,, Milan
3Package Deal, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, cur. Ong Jo-Lene, VondelCS, Amsterdam
Tryfon Art Residency, cur. Danai Giannoglou, Koufonisia Classical, Koufonisi
Group show, UNA galleria, Piacenza
Eros & Thanatos, cur. Ines Muñozcano, Kykladon 8, Athens

Blablablack, cur. Erifyli Veneri & Naira Stergiou, Rebound Club, Athens
Drifting, duo show, with UNA galleria, ARTISSIMA fair, Turin
Maybe it’s knowledge entering life, Hot Wheels Athens, Athens
Art Barter, Alkinois 6, Athens
Between Speed and Stillness, with Hot Wheels Projects, ART-O-RAMA, Marseille
The Same River Twice: Contemporary Art in Athens, cur. Margot Norton & Natalie Bell, organised by New Museum, New York and DESTE Foundation, Athens, Benaki Museum, Athens
Still here tomorrow, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Athens
U, cur. 650mAh, Haus N, Athens
Deliverart, Athens
Flashing and flashing!, cur. Il Colorificio, MAXXI – Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, Rome
Beautiful, Dio Horia, Parnassos Literary Society, Athens

Phase 2, DriveDrive, Nicosia
Never below 0, Snehta residency, Athens
Graduates 2014-2017 Part 1, cur. Katerina Tselou, ASFA, Athens
AfterSun, Vozdovac gallery, Belgrade
Privilege, cur. Chrysanthi Koumianaki, Monitor festival, Iraklion
Athens in a tank, cur. Giorgos Tserionis, Space 52, Athens
SM Project, cur. Sans Titre (2016) & Margaux Barthelemy, Enterprise Projects, Gianni Manhattan, Deborah Bowmann and Stadium Berlin, Marseille
How to fall with Grace, cur. Nicolas Vamvouklis, K-Gold Temporary, Arisvi, Lesvos
Constellations in the dirt, cur. Fanis Kafantaris & Irene Kalligas, Neon Organization, Kouphonisi Archaeological Collection, Koufonissia
An exercise on Values, cur. Alexios Papazacharias, Haus N, Athens
Abracadabra, cur. Lucrezia Calabro Visconti, 6th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Moscow

Trito Kefalaio, cur. Giorgio Alessandro Samaras, Cask gallery, Larissa
Open Form, cur. Denise Araouzou, Chalkidonos 58, Athens
Asthenia No.05, Grace, Athens
Car Service II, Enterprise Projects, Athens
Keep on Keeping on. A visual meta- collection, cur. Evita Tsokanta, ACG Art Gallery – The American College of Greece, Athens
Paste in place, Supersimetrica, cur. 3137 Artist-run space, Madrid

A point in the centre, cur. Alexios Papazacharias, Katsigras Museum, Larissa
The Invisible Quake, cur. Pauline Bordaneil, 40mcube, Rennes
International Degree Style, Ravenstein, Bozar, Brussels
Tradition doesn’t Graduate, cur. Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk and Komplot, Komplot, Brussels
Art Athina, art fair, Elika gallery booth, Athens
Dôme, cur. Caroline Pradal, Ela projects, Athens
Heat Company, cur. Komplot, Afterhowl, Brussels
Something of Exquisite Beauty
, Elika gallery, Athens
London Yellow Mould Deal, cur. Olga Papadimitriou & Valinia Svoronou, London
Sturm der Liebe, Etablissement d’ en face, Brussels
Rooms 2016, St. George Lycabettus, Kappatos gallery, cur. Danai Giannoglou, Athens

De Langhe Nacht, Factor44, Antwerp
Watch my face to read my thoughts, Texas State univeristy od Arts, cur. expanded media, Texas
Artists’ cards – volume III, Elika Gallery, Athens
Remediate the everyday, cur. Eleni Riga, Atelier W, Paris
Cloud, 3137 artist run space, Athens
Car Service, Enterprise Projects, Athens
The London Intensive, Camden Arts Centre, London
Fragments of the present, cur. Eva Vaslamatzi & Danai Giannoglou, Folklore Museum of Serifos
REPARK #2, Green Park Athina, Athens
Group Show, 72’36’’ -ish, cur. Foreseen team, La dent creuse, Brussels
Group Show, Historical Archive of the National Bank of Greece, Athens
VELVET Invention [in search of the anti-giraffe: 10 years and counting], cur. Nadja Argyropoulou, Romantso, Athens
Babel fragments – Revisited, cur. Alexis Fidetzis, metamatic Taf, Athens
Effective Spaces – Inspire 2014, cur. Thouli Mysirioglou, Katerina Nikou, Ariadni Chatzitasi,
Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki
Fireworks out of season – Riviera, cur. Galini Notti, Riviera cinema, Athens

artists’ cards – volume II, Elika Gallery, Athens
10.Simultan Festival 2014, Casa Artelor, Timisoara
730 ArtDays, ArtWall, Fresh Hotel, Athens
Thesis Exhibition” Nikos Kessanlis, Athens school of Fine Arts, Athens
Fenetre sur rue Athenes / Rouen, Galerie Martainville, Ecole Superieure d’ Arts & Design, Rouen
Images of the sea, Nikos Kessanlis, Athens school of Fine Arts, Athens

Exaggeration, ArtWall, Fresh Hotel,Athens
The Little Paris of Athens, Finos Films,Athens Art Network, Athens
Thrills and Chills, CAN Christina Androulidaki Gallery, Athens
Kodra Fresh,Action Field Kodra,Thessaloniki
HWZ 001, (GPO), Camp Contemporary Art Point,Athens
Alexandra project, Alexandra Cinema, cur. MMine Group, Athens

Selected Press:

L’ Essenziale Studio, Review, March 2023

Les Nouveaux Riches magazine, Interview, January 2023

Flash Art, Review, December 2022

Art Verge, Interview, March 2021

New Museum, Interview, October 2020

Artnet, Review, November 2018

Flash Art, Review, November 2018

Mousse Magazine, Feature, October 2018

Artribune Magazine, Review, June 2018

Athens Voice Magazine, Interview, June 2018

Inside Art Magazine, Interview, September 2017

Mousse Magazine, Feature, August 2017

ATP diary, Review, June 2017

Athens Voice Magazine, Interview, May 2016

Lifo Magazine, Interview, April 2016


Vasilis Papageorgiou
A: Chalkidonos 56-58, 11527,
Athens, Greece

instagram / facebook



Untitled, site-specific commission, terrazzo floor, marble, ceramic and cement, dimensions variable, 2023

20:20, 2022, ceramic & steel, 44x27x2cm

20:18, 2022, ceramic & steel, 44x27x2cm

20:19, 2022, ceramic & steel, 44x27x2cm

20:12, 2022, ceramic & steel, 44x27x2cm

20:29, 2022, ceramic & steel, 44x27x2cm

courtesy Callirrhoë and the artist, photos by: Stathis Mamalakis


Why does heat make things blurry, 2022, installation views, UNA galleria, photos by: Marco Fava


Why does heat make things blurry, 2022, installation views, UNA galleria, photos by: Marco Fava


Dirty clothes and water (I), (II), (III), 2022, copper plated textile and marble, dimensions variable, UNA galleria, photos by: Carlo Samuele Cabrini


Why does heat make things blurry, 2022, steel, 200x60x10cm, UNA galleria, photos by: Carlo Samuele Cabrini


I follow the sun as I follow my distraction, installation views, Callirrhoë Athens, photos by: Stathis Mamalakis


I follow the sun as I follow my distraction, 2022, steel, 200x35x2cm, photos by: Stathis Mamalakis

Art Athina, 2022, installation view, courtesy of UNA galleria and the artist


3500 Euros, inlayed green and white marble in custom terrazzo floor, dimensions variable, 2021, detail, photo by George Messaritakis

Homage to the dryly grasses, 2014-2021, dimensions variable, neon lights and steel, installation view, PTSD, 2021




•Collezione La Gaia, group show, Opening 5th of November 2023, Busca, Cuneo, Italy


•Contemporary Istanbulart fair, with Callirrhoë, Opening 26-27 September 2023, Duration: 28th of September – 1st of October 2023, Istanbul, Greece

•LUMA Arles, residency, supported by ARTWORKS, Duration: April 2023 – June 2023, Arles, France

•L’ Essenziale Studio Exhibition, group show, curated by Artoday.official, Opening: 30th of May 2023, LAMPO, Milan, Italy

•L’ Essenziale Studio Journal Vol.5, review, by Valeria Conti, March 2023

•Their Volumes – Works from the Christella Collection, group show, curated by Treti Galaxie, Opening: 4th of March 2023, Via Carlo Tassi, Cortemaggiore, Italy

•Les Nouveaux Riches, interview, by Erka Shalari, January 2023

•Group Show, group show, by Matteo Novarese collection, Sof:Art, Bologna, Italy

•Matteo Viglietta Award, prize, coordinated by La Gaia collection, Artissima 2022, Turin, Italy

•Flash Art Italia, review, by Michela Ceruti, December 2022

Transformations, group show, curated by Miss dialectic, a forest, Opening: 1st of March 2023, Duration: 1 March 2023 – 4 March 2023, Athens, Greece

Why does heat make things blurry, solo show, UNA galleria, Opening: 8th of October 2022, Duration: 8 October 2022 – 14 January 2023, Piacenza, Italy

•Artissima, art fair, with UNA galleria, Opening: 3rd of November 2022, Duration: 4-6 November 2022, OVAL Lingotto Fiere, Turin, Italy

•Pieces of Cake, group show, curated by Olympia Tzortzi, Opening: 6th of October 2022, Duration: 6 October – 3 November 2022, Selchower Strasse 22, 12049, Berlin, Germany

•Art Athina, art fair, with UNA galleria, Opening: 16th of September 2022, Duration: 16-19 September 2022, Zappeion Mansion, Athens, Greece

Delta, group show, with Artworks, Opening: 17th of June 2022, Duration: 17 June 2022-17 June 2023, Delta Restaurant, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Athens, Greece

•I follow the sun as I follow my distraction, solo show, Callirrhoë, Opening: Friday 27th of May 2022, Duration: 28 May – 10 July 2022, Athens, Greece

•Lapin Canard, group show, One Minute Space, Opening: Saturday 28th of May 2022, Duration: 28 May – 4 June, 2022,  Athens, Greece

ARCO Madrid, art fair, with UNA galleria, Opening: 23rd of February 2022, Duration: 23-27 February 2022, Madrid, Spain

Athens Biennale 7: Eclipse, group show, cur. by Larry Ossei-Mensah & OMSK Social Club, Opening: 23rd of September 2021, Duration: 24 September – 28 November 2021, Athens, Greece

Performative Transcending Somatic Dinner, group show, cur. by Lydia Antoniou & George Bekirakis , Opening: 3rd of November 2021, Duration: 4 November – 12 December 2021, Korinis 4, Athens, Greece

Art Athina Pop Up, art fair, Opening: 12th of November 2021, Duration: 12 – 21 November 2021, King George Hotel, Athens, Greece

•Art Athina Virtual, art fair, Duration: 1-30 November 2021, Online, Athens, Greece

Art Verge, interview, by Yannis Kostarias, March 2021

•On heavy rotation, group show, cur. by Severin Dünser & Olympia Tzortzi, Opening: 2nd of November 2020, Duration: 3 November 2020 – 31 January 2021, Callirrhoë, Athens, Greece

•Winner of Premio Montani Tesei Award Under 35, prize, Art Verona, Verona, Italy

•Parcours | 10 Artists for Spazio Leonardo, group show, Opening: 23rd of September 2020, Duration: 23 September 2020 – January 2021, Spazio Leonardo, Milan, Italy

Art Verona Digital | Digital Yellow, art fair, Opening: 4th of December 2020, Duration: 4 – 14 December 2020, Art Verona, Verona, Italy

•Art Verona Digital | Digital black, art fair, Opening: 27th of November 2020, Art Verona, Verona, Italy

•Miart – Digital edition, group show, Opening: 9-10 of September 2020, Duration: 11 –  13 September 2020, Miart,, Italy

•Unpacking the 3Package Deal, End Presentation, group show, Opening: 4th of September 2020, VondelCS, Amsterdam, Netherlands

•3Package Deal, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, AFK, in partnership with De Appel Art Centre, Foam Amsterdam and Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Grant, Amsterdam, Netherlands

 •Group show, Duration: May – August 2020, UNA galleria, Piacenza, Italy

•Tryfon Art Residency, group show, cur. by Danai Giannoglou, Opening: 18th of July 2020, Duration: 19 July – 29 August 2020, Koufonisia Classical, Koufonisi, Greece

•Eros & Thanatos, group show, cur. by Ines Muñozcano, Opening: 30th of January 2020, Duration: 30 January – 19 February 2020, Kykladon 8, Kypseli, Athens, Greece

•BlaBlaBlack, group show, Opening: 12th of December 2019, Rebound, Athens, Greece

•Maybe it’s knowledge entering life, group show, Opening: 26th of September 2019, Duration: 26 September – 28 November 2019, Hot Wheels Athens, Athens, Greece

•Drifting, duo show, with UNA galleria, Opening: 31st of October 2019, Duration: 1 – 3 November 2019, ARTISSIMA fair, Turin, Italy

•The Same River Twice, group show, cur. by Margot Norton & Natalie Bell, Organised by New Museum and DESTE Foundation, Opening: 20th of June 2019, Duration: 21 June – 22 September 2019, Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece

•Flashing and Flashing, group show, cur. by Il Colorificio, Opening: 2nd of April 2019, Duration: 2 March – 29 September 2019, MAXXI Museum, Rome, Italy

•It’s 2:00 am. I am spilling it., solo show, Opening: 30th of March 2019, Duration: 30 March – 28 September 2019, UNA galleria, Piacenza, Italy

•Art Barter, group show, Opening: 20th of September 2019, Duration: 21 – 24 September 2019, Alkinois 6, 11852, Petralona, Athens, Greece

•Between Speed and Stillness, group show, with Hot Wheels Projects, Opening: 30th of August 2019, Duration: 30 August – 1 September 2019, ART-O-RAMA, Marseille, France

•Still Here Tomorrow, group show, Opening: 23rd of June 2019, Duration: 23 – 30 June 2019, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Athens, Greece

•4U, group show, cur. by 650mAh, Opening: 9th of May 2019, Duration: 10 May – 29 June 2019, Haus N, Athens, Greece

•Deliverart #1, group show, Duration: 15 – 18 May 2019, Athens, Greece

•Siblings of twosolo show, with UNA galleria, Opening: 4th of April 2019, Duration: 5 – 7 April 2019, Miart art fair, Milan, Italy

•Beautiful, group show, by Dio Horia, Opening: 2nd of March 2019, Duration: 2 March – 6 April 2019, Parnassos Literary Society, Athens, Greece

•phase 2, group show, Opening: 14th of December 2018, Duration: 15 December 2018- 18 May 2019, DriveDrive, Nicosia, Cyprus

•Never below 0, group show, Opening: 14th of December 2018, Duration: 15 – 24 December 2018, Snehta Residency, Athens, Greece

•Graduates 2014-2017 – Part 1, group show, cur. by Katerina Tselou, Opening: 27th of November 2018, Duration: 27 November – 22 December 2018, ASFA, Athens, Greece

•Privilege, group show, cur. by Chrysanthi Koumianaki, Opening: 12th of October 2018, Duration: 11-28 October 2018, Monitor festival, Irakleion, Crete

•Athens in a tankgroup show, cur. by Giorgos Tserionis, Opening: 12th of October, 2018, 20:00, Duration: 12 October- 16 November 2018, Space 52, Athens, Greece

•When the sun goes up: Bar stories in 3 acts, solo show, Opening: 25th of September 2018, Duration: 25 September – 3 November 2018, Hot Wheels Projects, Athens, Greece

•AfterSun, group show, Opening: 21th of October, 2018, Duration: 21 October – 21 December 2018, Vozdovak gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

•SM Projects, group show, organised by: Sans Titre (2016) & Margaux Barthelemy, cur. by Enterprise Projects, Gianni Manhattan, Deborah Bowmann and Stadium Berlin, Opening: 29th of August 2018, Duration: 30th of August – 9th of September 2018, 2 Boulevard des Bassins de Radoub, 13002, Marseille, France

•Constellations in the dirtgroup show, cur. by Fanis Kafantaris & Irene Kalliga, organised by NEON organisation and Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades, Opening event: 14th of July, 2018, Duration: 20 June- 02 September 2018, Kouphonisi Archaeological Collection, (former elementary school of Kouphonisi), Neon Organisation, Kouphonisi, Greece

•6th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, group show, cur. by Lucrezia Calabro Visconti, Opening: 7th of June 2018, Duration: 8 June – 31 July 2018, Moscow, Russia

•An Exercise on Values, group show, cur. by Alexios Papazacharias, Opening: 21st of June, 2018, Duration: 21 June- 17 July 2018, Haus N Athen, Athens, Greece

•How to fall with Grace, group show, cur. by Nicolas Vamvouklis, Opening: 10th of August, 2018, 20:00, Duration: 10 August- 02 September 2018, K-Gold Temporary GalleryLesvos, Greece