Solo Chairs

Concepts of togetherness, communication and loneliness are the targets of Vasilis Papageorgiou’ artistic investigations. He focusses on semi-private and semi-public spaces such as bars, small casinos or football stadiums where people reclaim the idea of free time and the right to be alone together. Creating new narratives which reflect our everyday, he rethinks and rearticulates the imagery of those places. Also his very recent sculptures are abstractions of support structures, in this case chairs. With dolphins on one seat, that symbolize sociability, safety, security and salvation, and the absence of a body manifested in a deposited blouse on the other, they remind us of the stability we are lacking without company or a counterpart.


text by: Olympia Tzortzi & Severin Dünser

images by: Dimitris Parthimos

Untitled, marble, steel, copper, 60x60x50 cm, 2020
Untitled, chair, marble, goldplated copper, 70x80x50 cm, 2020