Take a long holiday 


The pedestrian crossing has two entrances and two exits, your journey is forgone. If you try to run any other direction you hit the wall.
In his artistic practice Vasilis Papageorgiou (b.1991, Athens) is attempting to isolate the substantial but also the less important characteristics of different subcultures in order to rephrase them in new contexts. For ‘’Take a long holiday’’ Papageorgiou is deconstructing the culture of speed, using a pedestrian crossing as a set. He is creating seven iron plates, all sprayed with custom-made car paint and presented as a large scale sample display for the passer by. His ‘’sample book’’ though is not advertising the paint itself but rather the way the paint is accepting the use. Tired and harassed, it is serving an ultimate purpose. Look at the color when it’s sizzling, pay attention to the scratches. The metallic texture is supposed to balance the smell of tires. The eyes have to work with the nose for a complete result. The burn-outs must burn.

Danai Giannoglou

Take a long holiday, 100*200cm, car paint and fire on steel, 2017, installation view, BRDG project, Antwerp