Mixed Feelings

Papageorgiou literally renders marble and metal as liquid in his Mixed feelings – situation of digestion, inconvenience and a tendency to dance (2019), in which the artist continues his ongoing research around gathering places of leisure, creating a deconstructed scene of a bar. In this work, steel footrests amble along the floor, while a series of small marble shapes bring back to mind small pools of liquid, such as those that might come from a leak in the ceiling or drinks that have been spilled and been left from the night before. The installation also includes a tripartite bar with marble surfaces that might only function when occupied by three individuals at the same time, while facing away from another — paradoxically holding each other up but not directly engaging.


Extract from the text ‘States of change’ by Margot Norton and Natalie Bell as published in the exhibition catalogue ‘The same river twice’ published by DESTE Foundation.


photos by: Eftychia Vlachou

Mixed feelings - situation of digestion, inconvenience and a tendency to dance, leather, foam, steel, marble, cast aluminium, textiles and jewellery, dimensions variable, 2019, exhibition view, The same river twice: Contemporary Art in Athens, Benaki museum