•SM Projects

group show
organised by: Sans Titre (2016) & Margaux Barthelemy
curated by: Enterprise Projects, Gianni Manhattan, Deborah Bowmann and Stadium Berlin
Opening: 29th of August 2018
Duration: 30th of August – 9th of September 2018
2 Boulevard des Bassins de Radoub, 13002
Marseille, France






•6th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art

group show
cur. by Lucrezia Calabro Visconti
Opening: 7th of June 2018
Duration: 8 June – 31 July 2018
Moscow, Russia



•When the sun goes up: Bar stories in 3 acts

solo show
Opening: 25th of September 2018
Duration: 25 September – 3 November 2018
Hot Wheels Projects
Patision 41, 10433
Athens, Greece






group show
Opening: 21th of October, 2018, 15
Duration: 21 October – 21 December 2018
Vozdovak gallery
Belgrade, Serbia






•An Exercise on Values

group show
cur. by Alexios Papazacharias
Opening: 21st of June, 2018
Duration: 21 June- 17 July 2018
Haus N Athen
Athens, Greece





•phase 2

group show
Opening: 15th of December, 2018
Duration: 15 December 2018- 30 June 2019

Nicosia, Cyprus




•Constellations in the dirt

group show
cur. by Fanis Kafantaris & Irene Kalliga
organised by NEON organisation and
Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades
Opening event: 14th of July, 2018
Duration: 20 June- 02 September 2018
Kouphonisi Archaeological Collection
(former elementary school of Kouphonisi)
Neon Organisation
 Kouphonisi, Greece




•How to fall with Grace

group show
cur. by Nicolas Vamvouklis
Opening: 10th of August, 2018, 20:00
Duration: 10 August- 02 September 2018
K-Gold Temporary Gallery
 Lesvos, Greece






•Athens in a tank

group show
cur. by Giorgos Tserionis
Opening: 12th of October, 2018, 20:00
Duration: 12 October- 16 November 2018
Space 52
  Athens, Greece









group show
cur. by Chrysanthi Koumianaki
Opening: 12th of October 2018
Duration: 11-28 October 2018
Monitor festival
Irakleion, Crete

4:53 pm