‘‘Paramythias’’ is the first digital print on marble out of a series of works in progress.
This piece is willing to be considered as contemporary archaeological findings eventhough displaying images from the late 90’s.

Paramythias is a pedestrian street
located in the center of Athens and most of its buildings are abandonned or have already collapsed. Between those there is one little shop selling old car parts; functioning from the late 70s it is still opening part time so as to sell certain things or repair some motorbikes.The photo printed on this series of marbles is taken from the vitrine of the car repair shop and it has been edited so as to bring on mind archaological leftovers, ancient pottery, and findings.

Paramythias, 60*40cm, digital print on marble, 2017 & All eyes, dimensions variable, digital prints on paper pasted on wall, 2017, courtesy of Enterprise Projects and the artists, photo by Stathis Mamalakis